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I have always loved drawing and painting. Even from an early age, I could only dream of doing what I am doing now. I consider it a gift and one that I am blessed to be able to share with others.

Living in Martinborough has been an inspiration to my painting. I am inspired by family life, rustic rural simplicity and significant everyday objects, more importantly the recording and magnifying of the ordinary scenes that comprise our day.

I love to paint anything that draws on the nostalgic emotional history of our childhood. There is one constant while growing up in NZ, the simple pleasures, memories of trips to the corner dairy for that rare treat, going to the movies when there was intermission and getting that packet of jaffa’s, watties sauce (an essential for any bbq), or playing in granddads old cars. It is these personal experiences deeply rooted in our childhood that I’m trying to capture on canvas for all to enjoy.

My style would be considered photorealism. I love capturing the detail, and the way a certain object looks in a moment of time. My paintings are about light, shadows, reflections and environment. All of my paintings have an element of still-life, taking an object, often seemingly mundane, putting that as the main focal point and injecting new emotional life into it.

I paint with oils because of the quality that it offers. I love the lustre of colour that shows through in the finished work, and the longevity that oil paint provides.

I have been painting full time for 7 years now and love it. I’ve never worked so hard in my life, but I wouldn’t change a thing. To visualise those evocative moments from our past and transpose them to canvas… that is pure pleasure.




Well this is a biggy ....LONDON here we come....I've pull together a wonderful team of friends, experts in their field... click above to read more.

five painters

five painters are back.. Matt Guild; Michael McCormack; Jane Blackmore; Anne-Marie Jean; and Anna Stichbury. Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington from 23-29 October 2012


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The Studio/ Gallery has been open now for over a year... and the most common question is "can we come and see the gallery" or "is it open to the publc" well it sure is.... the best way is to give me a call 0210470107 and we'll make an appointment just for you!