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 Taste of Aotearoa is a celebration of New Zealand food, wine, and art in London.

Well this is a biggy ….LONDON here we come….I’ve pull together a wonderful team of friends, experts in their field, Paul Mason from Martinborough Vineyards (amazing wine) and complimented by New Zealand’s gourmet cuisine – seafood, Lamb/ Beef and other bits –brought together by Lucy Cruickshank of Innov8.

Just thought I would drop you a note with a starter please pass on to any London Europe Kiwis you think might be interested (invite below) The flights are booked, the paintings are in transit and Lydia and I are officially off to London for the Exhibition 25th to 27th of September. We have a swish venue lined up, Suze in Mayfair for three nights running and in addition to those we already have coming, we are now looking to spread the word virally, get it out there, to any one who would be interested in attending this exciting kiwi flavoured event. If anyone has any contacts/ thoughts we are keen to hear from you. This event has been a long time brewing, but not long to go now!   Any names and contacts you can provide will be really appreciated.

If your ever down in Martinborough or feel like a trip down this way come check out the studio at our home … I’d love to show you round.


Well this is a biggy ....LONDON here we come....I've pull together a wonderful team of friends, experts in their field... click above to read more.

five painters

five painters are back.. Matt Guild; Michael McCormack; Jane Blackmore; Anne-Marie Jean; and Anna Stichbury. Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington from 23-29 October 2012


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The Studio/ Gallery has been open now for over a year... and the most common question is "can we come and see the gallery" or "is it open to the publc" well it sure is.... the best way is to give me a call 0210470107 and we'll make an appointment just for you!